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At St. George’s, we take marriage seriously. We want to support those who come to us for marriage both before and after the wedding.

If you are interested in getting married at St. George’s, your first call needs to be to the parish office. Our secretary will be happy to assist you. You will then need to set up an appointment with our priest, Rev. Steven Maki.

You do not need to be a member of St. George’s to be married in our Church. However, one of you does need to be baptized in the Christian Church.

Marriage preparation is very important. You cannot get married at St. George’s without going through marriage preparation. This is conducted by Rev. Maki, and normally consists of three sessions. The purpose of this is to help couples prepare for married life.

Wedding planning needs to be done in conjunction with Rev. Maki and our organist, Jean-Francois Gauthier. In planning weddings, our goal is to ensure a dignified and beautiful service. Weddings consist of music and hymns, the liturgy and readings from the Bible. To that end, musical selections will need to reflect the Christian nature of the service. Jean Francois Gauthier can help you choose appropriate music for your service. You will need to meet separately with him, normally on a Sunday after Church.

Rev. Maki can help guide you in your selections of Bible readings and hymns appropriate for your service. Poems and readings that are not Christian are not normally included in an Anglican service. As an Anglican Church, we perform weddings using one of two services: the traditional Book of Common Prayer (BCP) wedding service or the more contemporary Book of Alternative Services (BAS) wedding service. If you choose the BCP service, this written in Elizabethan language, whereas the BAS service is written in modern English. Both are suitable for a dignified and beautiful wedding, and the choice is yours. However, we are unable to change the liturgy and couples need to say the vows as they are written.

The wedding rehearsal will normally happen at some point during the week before your wedding. It is important that all the principle participants attend. We want to ensure a smooth and organized wedding, to help you enjoy your day, and to make your wedding memorable for all the right reasons. 



  • Priest: $250

  • Church: $350

  • Organist: $250


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